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The SAM Brief Series are in-depth guides designed to assist you in understanding Microsoft product licencing, provide guidance to simplify licencing and maintain licence compliance, and help you to improve your software asset management policies and procedures.


Cloud Productivity Engagement


  • Provides a clear prioritization of what’s readyto migrate today
  • Identifies how Cloud-based scalability canincrease organizational agility
  • Improves cost management by customizingsubscription models
  • Provides insights on cost and technologybenefits of moving to the Cloud

Flyer Cloud Productivity Value Engagement


Infrastructure Optimization  Engagement


  • Helps you better manage usage and consumption
  • Gives insight into cost benefits of Cloud migrationand cost of ownership
  • Reduces costs through improved operationalefficiencies
  • Helps you prioritize moving workloads to the Cloud
  • Evaluates your overall infrastructure in relation toyour on-premises and Cloud strategy

Flyer Infrastructur Optimization Value Engagement


Server Optimization Productivity Engagement


  • Optimizes your current server workloads andapplications
  • Offers insight on moving additional workloads tovirtualization or the Cloud
  • Facilitates your server strategy andimplementation
  • Reduces costs through improved operationalefficiencies
  • Helps you manage your reporting requirements

Flyer Server Optimization Productivity Value Engagement


Cybersecurity  Engagement


  • Minimize data loss, fraud, and employee downtime
  • Save money combatting cyberattacks and increasingefficiencies
  • Securely manage software assets and promote reliablecybersecurity practices
  • Build a resilient IT infrastructure that can quicklyrespond to threats
  • Ensure that you have a secure and effective defenseagainst attacks

Flyer Cybersecurity Engagement