Software Asset Management - Consulting


Let us help you reach your goals:


Capitalise on the potential of IT

By optimising your IT management you save on investments and management costs, your IT department can operate more efficiently, which leaves time for other activities; and using automation or converged solutions means you no longer have to worry about IT administration


Capitalise on cloud services

Using cloud data and applications can save a lot of money and resources.

Categorising data accordingly is critical: Which data is not critical? Which data is critical? Which data is subject to which legal requirements?


Guarantee security

Software Asset Management (SAM) includes all necessary processes and infrastructure to plan, control and protect your investments in enterprise software throughout each phase of the lifecycle.


SAM 50 / SAM 100 
Hire our experienced and practice-oriented SAM experts - for as long as you need!

SAM50 and SAM100 let you purchase 50 and 100 hours of specialist services respectively. Following a thorough discussion of your objectives, you can decide how you’d like to use these pre-purchased hours. Training purposes, workshops, consultancy services or analyses - we'll create a plan for you to reach your objectives as quickly as possible. We have over 20 certified SAM specialists (MCP) throughout Europe to help you manage and optimise your entire software lifecycle, dramatically cutting software expenses.


Nutzen Sie unsere erfahrenen und praxisorientierten SAM-Experten – so lange, wie Sie es für richtig halten!