Questions about Software Asset Management?


License Compliance Checks support

The SAM LCC gives you a snapshot of the software you use from a single manufacturer and compares this to the licences you own—all for an attractive flat-rate. This information is collected either from your existing software deployment solution, or using a separate tool that we install in your environment to scan your network for existing software and prepare the required data. In addition to this, we will take a full, retroactive licence inventory and compare it with your current installations. The resulting compliance report will reveal any mismatched licenses and installations, cover recommendations for remedying the situation and provide additional key information on licence management.


Your benefits with SAM LCC

  • Respond with confidence to surprise audits
  • Make sound decisions based on a comprehensive compliance report
  • Identify and remedy risks and improper licensing
  • Gain transparency for license negotiations or maintenance


SAM support

Active licence management manages, controls and protects the software inventory of a company over its entire lifecycle. Questions often arise that cannot easily be answered.

  • What software do we use in our organisations?
  • Do we need a license for this software?
  • Have any licenses been violated and how can this be avoided in the future?
  • Are existing licenses optimally used or are there unnecessary costs?
  • Are we using hte licnese models best-suited to our business?

Our certified licence management experts can support you in answering these questions and more: from manufacturer audits, procurement of new licences, to migration of existing licences or licence agreements


Not with a True-Up-Service!