Would you like to outsource your Software Asset Management?


Hosted SAM Solution (SAM 365)

SAM365 does exactly what it says on the tin, and then some. It is a complete cloud-based IT asset management solution for year-round peace of mind. Whether software, licenses or contracts, regain control of it all without tying up valuable resources or the need for additional tools. Simply choose the service you need, from basic access to our SAM toolkit to outsourcing your entire licence management to our certified experts. SAM365 not only frees up time, but it’s also light on your budget. You only pay for what you use. No large initial investments, just a fixed price per monitored device. The costs are transparent and therefore easy to calculate.


What distinguishes SAM365

  • Cloud-based solution: ready to use
  • Based on the ISO 19770 and ITIL standards
  • Compliance reports from all desired manufacturers
  • Active contract and maintenance management
  • Extensive reports for management, IT operations and purchasing
  • Analyses by organizational unit, business unit or cost center
  • Dashboard showing the principal analyses at a glance


SAM BPO (full outsourcing)

Most processes are neither competition critical nor do they have any features that make them stand out. They simply need to run reliably and be legally compliant. It's exactly these processes that can ideally be handled by specialist service provider, particularly if there are associated regulatory or safety-related requirements demanding specialist knowledge. In such situations, outsourced IT-supported processes can offer added value—especially for SMEs. The division of tasks, competences and responsibilities are regulated by a Service Level Agreement.


• Frees up internal resources, no specialised knowledge required 
• Ensures legal compliance with on-demand audit reports
• Provides up-to-date database for budgeting or internal invoicing
• Enables strategic planning of software lifecycles