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VMW_09Q4_LGO_PARTNER_SOLUTION_PROVIDER_PRE With its virtualisation solutions for company infrastructures, VMware lays down the framework for the computing of today. With VMware virtualisation solutions, companies of all sizes are able to slim down their IT and simplify its management. With regard to processes and future business developments, IT can be configured for flexibility and high-availability - regardless of whether it's on external or internal platforms. With over 170,000 customers and more than 25,000 partners, VMware is world market leader in virtualisation.

Our trained and qualified licensing specialists can offer you professional advice regarding VMware volume licensing models. We'd be happy to help you choose the right licensing model for your business. Cut costs with efficient license management and a programme tailored to your individual requirements!

VMware licensing models

With its Volume Purchasing Program, VMware offers uniform and cumulative discounting. The model includes price reductions based on a graded points system. For example, licensing according to the number of

  • clients
  • concurrent users
  • licenses for management consoles
  • mailboxes
  • processors
  • processors with vRAM permissions
  • virtual machines

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