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Snow Software

Whether it’s through lack of control, lack of understanding or lack of compliance, Snow Software believes that most organizations today end up paying too high a price for their software.

To address this, Snow Software provides Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions designed to ensure that the $326 billion spent every year on enterprise software is money well spent – ensuring organizations have the appropriate licenses for the software they use – not too many, not too few.

Today, more than 6,000 organizations around the world rely on Snow Software's on-premise and cloud-based SAM platforms to manage software licensing across more than eleven million devices, from mobile to desktop, datacenter to the cloud.

Snow License Manager is the central component of the Snow Platform with which all types of licenses can be easily managed like desktop, IBM PVU, Oracle and SAP licenses. SLM calculates the effective license position (ELP) for individual software vendors and products, and generates detailed reports such as Oracle Server Worksheets (OSW).


Snow Software offers:

  • automatic detection of several thousands of licensable applications
  • full transparency over software usage and compliance status
  • simple connection to the cloud and license management of all types
  • greater savings in the Datacenter and light work of complex licensing models
  • trends, forecast & future proof of software investment
  • EMM solution that handles the full lifecycle of mobile devices.


SAM-Plattform von Snow Software

  • Snow License Manager
    With millions of licenses sold, Snow License Manager is the world’s leading SAM solution.

  • Software Recognition Service
    Recognize commercially-licensable applications across the network
  • Oracle Management Option
    Cut the costs of managing complex Oracle licenses
  • Virtualization Management

    I Identify and manage virtual assets across the network

  • Snow Device Manager
    A complete enterprise mobility management solution that handles the full lifecycle of mobile devices
  • Snow Inventory
    The true multi-platform audit solution designed to find devices, audit software installs and track usage
  • Snow Integration Connectors
    Integrate Snow’s SAM platform with existing Inventory, ITAM and Service Management solutions
  • Management Snow Optimizer for SAP Software
    Manage SAP licensing to optimize one of the enterprise’s largest software costs
  • Snow Automation Platform
    Define and implement automated process to support software optimization


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With millions of licenses sold, Snow License Manager is the world’s leading SAM solution.