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The number of deployed software programmes is steadily rising. In order to keep on top of the organisation and retain an overview in the resulting software and license jungle, clearly defined responsibilities and structures are required for software licensing and license management. Effective license management not only reduces costs, but also avoids additional problems.

Comsoft direct selects the optimum licensing model from its comprehensive range, thus ensuring that the customer can use their software application in the best possible and most cost-effective manner.

Our team of consultants are experienced and possess the highest level of certification from all major manufacturers. A small sample of our licensing consulting services is listed below.


Take advantage of our comprehensive, proactive and individual consultation services

  • Support and consultancy in the acquisition of new and/or additional licences, tailored to the strategic objectives of your company
  • Interesting conditions through the contract purchase by the Bechtle parent and procurement at local and international level
  • Prompt support for contract and license renewals
  • Support for license management over manufacturer portals
  • A portfolio covering all software licenses available for resale
  • Activation and use of Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits
  • Recommendations for the optimisation of software license management
  • Individual and manufacturer-specific license workshops on your premises
  • Information on manufacturer roadmaps


The ups and downs of IT requirements - we cover all the angles

Too many businesses handle their IT asset management carelessly - that's why software management pays off even for smaller businesses.


Small & medium-sized businesses

Comsoft direct also has a wide range of offerings suitable for small enterprises. Experts advise on how to best utilise functional and scalable solutions, thus saving on costs.

The bigger the business - and therefore the higher the number of computer workstations - the more important license management becomes. Medium-sized businesses in particular will find it worthwhile seeking advice about license versions.


Optimum licensing for changing requirements

An analysis and clean-up of the current licensing situation of an SME marks the start of the license optimisation process. Using dedicated tools and experienced specialists, possible discrepancies such as illegal underlicensing and unnecessary, costly overlicensing can be promptly detected. The potential for optimisation in this area alone is not to be underestimated.


Over- and underlicensing: the tightrope walk between illegal underlicensing and costly overlicensing.


No matter the level of development of your company at present and no matter which corporate circles you intend to penetrate – we develop with you, with maximum flexibility.


Large companies

As well as Head Office IT assets, multinational corporate groups and large companies are also responsible for the license models for remote affiliated companies and branches.

Affected businesses should deploy license models strategically - yet this is not always the case. As a rule, companies are aware of their license management problem but do not know how to bring it under control.


Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership of IT

Depending on the size and structure of a corporate group, procurement of software licenses can be estimated at between 5 and 20 per cent of total IT costs. This may not appear to be that much at first glance but with over 1,000 computer workstations it makes a significant difference if this value is nearer 5 per cent than 20 per cent! Companies who opt for professional software license management can thus easily make savings. Comsoft direct has concentrated on volume licensing and proven itself over a long period as a committed partner.

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