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Our expert team of licensing consultants help you make your IT strategy a complete success. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and Microsoft Gold Partner for volume licensing, software asset management, and cloud productivity, we possess comprehensive expertise in licence management and cloud computing for small to large enterprises.

SMBs and large organisations alike have to keep their IT’s total cost of ownership to a minimum. A precise overview of IT infrastructures is essential to measure and meet all compliance, risk management and ROI targets. With Comsoft by your side, you can be sure that your IT is always compliant and up to date.


Your challenges today:

  • Analysing and optimising existing agreements and licences
  • Assisting in creating an internal IT roadmap
  • Operative support in licence management
  • Developing alternative licensing strategies to detail your options
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Developing a server and application strategy
  • SQL server physicalisation vs. virtualisation
  • Developing a tailored client strategy
  • Risk management and compliance in IT
  • Transitioning to a public, private or hybrid cloud


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We’ll help you blueprint your digital transformation in a tailored workshop to meet your individual needs.


Expert Workshops

  • Microsoft Contracts
  • Windows and Application Server Licensing
  • SQL Server Licensing

Calculation Package

  • Second Opinion
  • License Summary
  • Software Budgeting

Microsoft Support Package

  • Microsoft Administration Support

Adobe License Package

  • Adobe License Optimisation
  • Adobe Eskalation Support


Licensing Consulting Range of Service


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