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What customers say about usSatisfied customers are dear to our heart. We want to support you with our products and services and work together with your company for a successful future. From basic license consulting and licence optimisation to software asset management - we offer you tailored solutions.

Ammann Schweiz AG2

"Comsoft direct advised and accompanied us competently during our worldwide migration to Office 365. With Comsoft direct we know we've got a reliable partner at our side to help us in all cloud computing and licensing matters. We also value the transparent manner in which our license purchases are invoiced."

- Bruno Schwager, CIO Ammann Group, Ammann Schweiz AG

Amt für Informatik GR
“We implemented Software Asset Management (SAM) to ensure compliance in our cantonal administration and identify any required action early on. Thanks to Comsoft direct’s expert support, the effort on our end was kept within reasonable limits.”

- Fernando Caduff, stv. Leiter, Amt für Informatik GR
"Comsoft direct offers customised solutions. Their qualified employees recognise the customer's true needs and so help lower IT costs. Their outstanding connections with software manufacturers confirm that we have found the right software experts.“

- Josef Reimann, Team Manager Asset & Supply Management, Axpo Informatik
Calida verkleinert2
Calida AG

“Currently, Calida Group members Calida, Lafuma, and Aubade all operate their own, discrete Exchange infrastructures. Introducing Office 365 under a shared tenant will allow us to dramatically improve productivity and collaboration between these companies for the future without adding complexity. In our cross-company departments, we are already sharing files and information using SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. With the introduction of a unified Exchange Online infrastructure, our employees will be able to collaborate even more easily and benefit from increased transparency.”

Markus Kasper, Head of IT Infrastructure, Calida AG

"Comsoft direct is our tried and tested partner in the software licensing sector. Our licensing requirements were implemented with corresponding tailor-made add-on licensing services. Comsoft direct is a trusted partner to whom we will also turn in the future in areas beyond the scope of licensing.“

- Benno Odermatt, Bereichsleiter Betrieb, CONCORDIA
Crowne Plaza Genf

"We came to Comsoft direct after realising that our licenses were not being properly managed. What we appreciated most is that they listened to us, analysed our needs and offered us the best solution for our IT environment. They even helped us with arguments to present the project’s benefits to senior management. We’ve been working with Comsoft direct for several years now (since 2010), not because we have to, but because we want to."

- Maurice Brunner, IT Manager, Crowne Plaza Genf

erdgas ostschweiz ag
"We first learned of Comsoft direct at a licensing roadshow. We were given very thorough, expert consultation on the renewal process of our Microsoft Open Value contracts, which were about to expire. We're now planning to renew all our existing contracts through Comsoft direct. This way, we get first-class licensing consultation and management from a single source."

- Marcel Trüb, Chief Information Officer, Erdgas Ostschweiz AG
"Comsoft direct provided us with great consulting services for Office 365 as well as the charity sector, identifying great savings potential for us. We’ve been working with Comsoft direct since 2006 and plan sooner or later to purchase all of our licenses through a single partner."

- Manfred Berger, Team Leader Informatik, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation

"The Comsoft direct team was able to quickly take over our project to consolidate Microsoft licenses for the entire University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO). As the university’s colleges are quite diverse, this required a lot of careful thought and persuasive skill. Comsoft direct was able to master the complexity of the project, and we now have an efficient Microsoft environment that complies with all licensing requirements. My thanks go to the entire team."

-Hervé Le Pezennec, Leader IT-Systems, HES-SO (Fachhochschule Westschweiz)

Jungfraubahn Group
„We are very grateful for Comsoft’s trusting cooperation and multi-layered support, primarily in the area of software,of course, but also in facilitating new technological ideas."


jura materials

"After being approached by Microsoft for an audit, we turned to our license specialist Comsoft direct for help. Their baseline SAM gave us a quick, comprehensive overview of our licensing situation and server infrastructure, enabling us to begin planning further license purchases. Comsoft direct took all the work for this project off our hands, which we’re very thankful for."

- Walter Wohlgemuth, CIO JURA Materials, JURA Management AG

Kantonsspital St. Gallen
"I can sleep easily in the knowledge that ongoing control of the license level means we are achieving legal compliance. The complex licensing history was displayed in the tool and does not have to be always checked out again when purchases are made."

- Andreas Egger, Serviceverantwortlicher Datamanagement Informatik, Kantonsspital St. Gallen
Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG
“Since beginning to work with Comsoft direct in 2012, we’ve been very pleased with our partner and greatly value their proactive care. We’ve already completed several projects together, for example optimising our license management while consolidating servers. Comsoft provides us with expert consulting services, and their regular on-site workshops have made a significant difference.”

- Andreas Batlogg, Research Group IT, Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG
"Comsoft direct is a strong partner that has convincingly demonstrated its expertise in the areas of software advice and evaluation. Thanks to optimised license models, we were able to substantially lower IT costs whilst retaining full system functionality.“

- Dirk Daems, Head of Management Information Systems, Skyguide
Stadt Dübendorf

"We rely on Comsoft direct AG as our professional license expert for all our licensing needs. We are quite satisfied with Comsoft’s reliable and promt service."

- Gabriela Engler, Head of IT, Stadtverwaltung Dübendorf


The initial projects of the new Comsoft direct Competence Center have been completed: "An Office 365 Hybrid Setup enables growth to both flexibly and simply take hold. No longer having to worry about resources and correct sizing before the integration of a new business unit allows us to efficiently and purposefully begin implementation. 
Having been thoroughly convinced by the integration of Office 365 through the Bechtle/Comsoft Office 365 Competence Center, we look forward to further collaboration in the development of our Cloud strategies."

Markus Strickler, Teamleader Core Infrastructure, Sonova Holding AG


"We’ve been partnering with Comsoft direct for 10 years now, and we can always count on them for advice and concrete solutions. With the introduction of Microsoft’s Enterprise Agreement (EA) programme, we now have a company-wide platform that we were able to implement thanks to the expertise of Comsoft direct. All of our licenses are now easier to manage, and we have access to licensing experts to help us consolidate them."

- Damien Chirinian, CIO Deputy, Touring Club Suisse

Zur Rose AG
"Comsoft direct prepared a full software inventory for us and achieved transparency with regard to our licensing situation. The know-how gained from the SAM project means that in future we will be in a position to make cost-optimised licensing decisions."

- Daniel Bertschi, Head of IT, Zur Rose AG
Kantonspolizei Thurgau
"Acting as cantonal police of Thurgovia, we must function as a role model regarding standard compliance to both licensing and terms of services conditions. With the help of Microsoft's Microsoft Compliance Check, Comsoft direct AG was able to confirm that we do, indeed, adhere to the compliance standards established by Microsoft. Comsoft direct AG shall remain a contact representative for future questions concerning compliance."

- Reto Gschwend, IT leader, Kantonspolizei Thurgau