Comsoft Switzerland

An overview of Comsoft Switzerland customer benefits

We're right behind you

Our aim is for our customers and manufacturers to become "Trusted Advisors" on all licence and software issues. What this means for you:

  • one point of contact for all your software matters
  • customised solutions and process optimisation, saving you time and money
  • fast, effective and long-term support
  • productive exchange of ideas with enthusiastic experts
  • clarity and structures relating to cost, legal security and compliance
  • close links through regional proximity with an international focus

Check out our quality - you'll be impressed.

We provide support over the entire software life cycle and have all the software your company needs

Through our close links with software manufacturers, our many years of experience and extensive expertise, we can offer full market coverage in terms of licensing, software and software asset management (SAM). Our portfolio includes both leading manufacturers and specialist niche suppliers. We'll help you find the best licence model and show you over 10,000 software products in our shop - with new products coming in every week. Your benefits: customised solutions, plus lower processing costs and time savings.

We'll look after you - quickly, thoroughly and in the long term.

Our support means quick accessibility and short response times. We respond quickly and reliably to queries. We provide you with pragmatic solutions unburdened by red tape to promote a close working relationship with us and our partners. With a proactive information policy and customer events, we ensure that you are always up-to-date before, during and after our projects.

With a wealth of experience and the highest level of manufacturer certification, we know what we're talking about

For nearly 30 years, we have been recognised experts in licensing, software and software asset management (SAM). The highest level of software manufacturer certification, including Microsoft, Adobe, VMware, Citrix, Symantec and many others, are testament to our capabilities. Professionalism, expertise and an enjoyment of working in the IT business enable our staff to deliver a high standard of quality. This is demonstrated by low staff turnover figures and lasting, positive customer relationships. Benefit from fast, targeted and professional support from enthusiastic experts.

We provide clarity and structures relating to costs, legal security, compliance and management

Our resources include a dedicated team of experts, international specialists, ISO 19770-1/-2 certification and membership of the Microsoft Software Asset Management (SAM) Advisory Board. Benefit from transparent, secure licence management to facilitate fast and flexible use of your resources. Avoid overlicensing and its unnecessary costs, as well as underlicensing, which runs the risk of copyright violation.

We have regional proximity with an international focus.

With subsidiaries in seven countries, the support of the international Bechtle group and a worldwide network of partners, we offer a regional and global presence. We support your projects on site using our specific knowledge of the country and business, and we use synergies through efficient order processes, excellent purchasing conditions and an extensive knowledge of software and licensing.