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Why choose Bechtle as your multi-cloud service provider?

  • Use multiple cloud services and platforms at the same time
  • Enjoy optimal flexibility to meet various needs
  • Ensure top-notch data availability
  • Stay on track with excellent system stability
  • Save money with the best solution at the best price

As a multi-cloud service provider, Bechtle offers a very flexible service model that easily adapts to individual customer needs and IT infrastructures. All data are stored in highly secure data centres located in Germany. Plus, comprehensive support from Bechtle means you can simply scale your cloud capabilities to stay on top of your changing needs. A single portal lets you add, remove, monitor and manage all your cloud services complete with direct invoicing for maximal transparency.



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Save both time and money with sios.

The goal of implementing sios is to save time, reduce costs, slim down procurement procedures, and simplify license and contract management. In short: customized for your specific needs. 

What are the benefits from sios?

With sios, you can take full advantage of framework license agreements throughout the entire company or corporate group. It also helps you manage your IT assets. This Comsoft direct portal provides a simple, user-friendly way to stay in full control of your licenses—right down to the cost centre! Your company-specific sios account gives authorised employees access to agreement overviews, customised product views, framework conditions and your company’s portfolio. 
If requested, sios can even be directly connected to your ERP system via a standard interface. This lets you transfer orders and payment information using XML data streams, making your in-house processes even faster.