SAM365 - Software asset management as a service (SAMaaS).

Choose SAM365 for year-round peace of mind and free up your internal resources by managing your software assets in the cloud.


SAM365 gives you full transparency into all your software, licences and agreements, enabling you to monitor and enhance internal processes, cut licensing costs, uncover risks and make strategic decisions based on solid asset information. Whether you want to leverage a cloud-based tool to manage your software assets or have your entire cross-vendor licence pool managed by someone who knows licensing inside out, SAM365 is for you.


Simply mix and match the service options from our catalogue that best fit your individual needs.

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5 reasons for SAM in the cloud:
  • Gain insight -> When, how and what software do people use in your organisation?
  • Enforce compliance -> Do you adhere to applicable licenses at all times?
  • Optimise costs -> What are your actual monthly/annual licence needs?
  • Cut dead weight -> How many inactive accounts do you have?
  • Plan ahead -> Which applications and use cases will migrate to the cloud?


Why SAM365?
  • Save internal resources and reduce the need for in-house expertise
  • Get transparency into software lifecycles and agreements
  • Be alerted of critical events in your licensing landscape
  • Gain legal security and generate audit reports at the click of a mouse
  • Leverage ready-made or customisable reports
  • Tap into up-to-date data for budgeting or internal invoicing
What we offer:
Software Asset Management tool (OnPremise)
Software Asset Management tool (as a Service)
  • Full Managed Service for Microsoft software
  • Full Managed Service for all vendors
  • Reports and documentation
  • Training

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