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Server virtualisation with VMware vSphere.

VMware accelerates your digital transformation to the hybrid cloud. vSphere is a powerful and secure foundation helping you run applications in a common operating environment across clouds. New security capabilities provide better visibility, protection, and response times for security incidences.



  • Data centre consolidation and business continuity
  • Enhanced app performance and hybrid cloud
  • Virtualised big data
  • Legacy Unix to virtual Linux migration
  • Application and infrastructure security
  • Containerised modern apps
  • Support for remote offices and branch offices

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New and comprehensive security capabilities in vSphere Platinum.

VMware vSphere Platinum is a purpose-built security solution protecting enterprise applications, infrastructure, data, and access.

It combines two proven products:



he industry-leading, efficient and secure platform for all your hybrid clouds workloads.

For data centre endpoint security powered by machine learning and embedding threat detection and response into the virtualisation layer to reduce security risks.


While being operationally simple, vSphere Platinum ensures applications and virtual machines are running in their known-good states, with minimal overhead and performance impact.

vSphere Platinum key benefits.

The vSphere Platinum edition includes all the features you know from the Enterprise Plus edition plus the additional AppDefense benefits:

  • Autosensing of application assets, targets and communication
  • Context-related intelligence of the application condition
  • Orchestrated or automatic reactions to security threats
  • Integration into third party tools for security operations

Learn more about current vSphere editions.

Save 50% when you upgrade to vSphere Platinum.

Secure your 50% when you upgrade to vSphere Platinum. Valid until 30 October 2019. Protect your applications, infrastructure and data today.




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