Windows management for the mobile cloud era.

Deploy, manage and secure Windows 10 with even more efficiency thanks to VMware AirWatch.

At a glance.

Time is money, so here’s a brief summary of the key benefits:

  • New approach to Windows life cycle management
  • Unified endpoint management platform with all Win10 features
  • Simplified application and update distribution
  • Efficient way of deploying OS
  • Enhanced end-to-end security
  • Combination of modern enterprise mobility management approach and traditional management

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AirWatch is the perfect addition to Windows 10 because...

...it’s simple, efficient, and saves you money.


High costs, laborious processes and unnecessary limitations. All previously unavoidable with traditional Windows management. Deploying devices almost always required complete image exchange. VMware now has the solution: AirWatch!

Before Windows 10, large updates were rare and patches were put to the acid test, but users had no, or at least very little opportunity for self-management. This resulted in a need for custom IT support and created unnecessary costs.

With the completely new cloud and mobile approach that the combination of AirWatch and Windows 10 makes possible, management and security are decisively united. Device registration for Windows 10 is now possible regardless of network and for various use cases—and without imaging. Standardised APIs for PCs, tablets, mobile phones—most Windows devices—let you consolidate your IT management tools. At the same time, you can also let your employees install the apps they need themselves through the enterprise app store. This means less work for your IT department and therefore lower costs!

High-performance systems like Windows 10 require high-performance tools to manage them. An EEM (enterprise mobility management) tool is the logical and smart choice. AirWatch offers the industry-leading EEM suite in combination with a wide range of features and a flexible, simplified and more affordable approach for Windows:

  • Device and OS life cycle management
  • Application management and deployment
  • End-to-end security management

Manage the life cycle of devices and operating systems.

Deploy devices | Configure policies | Manage OS updates.


An intuitive Windows 10 onboarding experience is waiting for you—no matter whether you use a public or private network, company devices, BYOD (bring-your-own-device) or COPE (corporate-owned, personally-embedded). Out-of-the-box registration for end users that’s no extra work for your IT means that simply turning on devices registers them or adds users’ existing MS Office applications. Clever, easy, and flexible!

How does it work? It’s easy! During registration, the device can be integrated into a cloud domain, correctly configured with the necessary profiles, settings, applications, content and information policies, and seamlessly deployed for AirWatch management.

AirWatch lets your IT perform or postpone operating system updates and patches depending on sensitivity, device priority and desired maintenance windows so that workflow will no longer be hit by downtime in the future. No times where you have to stop working with your devices, so you can always give tasks your full attention—that’s the future.

End-to-end security.

Foster user trust | Ensure OS integrity | Avoid data loss.


AirWatch can be integrated into the Microsoft Passport for Work and Windows Hello, allowing you to activate user MFA (multi-factor authentication) including biometric recognition. Additionally, thanks to AirWatch Compliance Engine, IT administrators get a realtime overview of devices and depiction integrity (Windows proof of integrity), letting you limit access control as needed, to allow only authorised users and Windows 10-conform devices access to enterprise resources. A significant benefit for your IT security, especially in these times of increased cyber-attacks.

The AirWatch Compliance Engine puts your IT in the advantageous position of being able to create automated escalation levels. Corrective measures can be sent to the user directly for compliance. AirWatch can actively reduce your costs here, too, keeping your workflow ticking over and reducing downtime to a minimum.

Keeping sensitive data confidential and data loss are constant risks. Activate EDP (Windows Enterprise Data Protection) to minimise accidental and malicious leaks. A real boost to your DLP (data loss prevention)!

But AirWatch goes a step further: With automatic tagging of data from the cloud, network, or enterprise applications, it provides the basis for automatically setting policies for data usage and different encryption of enterprise data folders, so they can only be accessed through legitimate business applications and devices.

Easy application management and deployment.

One-touch access | Application deployment | Application inventory.


A range of application types used to require a range of deployment tools. Not anymore with AirWatch! Thanks to the all-in-one enterprise app store, your IT can now aggregate and distribute all application types—both traditional and modern. How simple is that?

Integration into VMware Identity Manager ensures a consistent one-touch single-sign-on user experience (SSO) for all Windows applications including system, web and remote applications. It can also be integrated into the Microsoft Store and the new Business Store Portal.

AirWatch supports automatically provisioning workflows and multiple software distribution methods such as remote installation and applications, drivers, firmware updates and other user-defined scripts. Your IT will be in the position to fully control and create the inventory of Windows applications including traditional desktop applications (Legacy Win32) and Metro apps (modern) and write reports on them.

Whitelists and blacklists are an important part of data integrity. VMware AirWatch gives your IT the opportunity to create special policy-compliant whitelists and blacklists that enable only apps from trustworthy sources to be installed and run on devices.


VMware AirWatch reduces your IT departments cost and workload.
Make the switch now and start using the securest and most productive Windows platform to date.