VMware AppDefense.

VMware AppDefense - fast threat detection.

VMware AppDefense protects apps running in virtualised environments.  


VMware AppDefense is a component of vSphere Platinum. It is directly integrated into Hypervisor and offers an insight into your application’s behaviour. Using machine learning and behavioural analysis, AppDefense learns an application’s intended behaviour and raises the alarm when something changes.


This is a completely different approach to the ones used by traditional security solutions, which learn an application’s “bad” behaviour patterns. VMware AppDefense is therefore able to detect threats faster and more precisely at application-level and offers vSphere admins and security teams a tool that enables them to react promptly.

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vSphere Platinum: Secure Infrastructure & Apps.

vSphere Platinum combines the capabilities of vSphere and AppDefense to deliver advanced security fully integrated into the hypervisor.


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Understand intended state of application.

From inside the vSphere hypervisor, AppDefense has an authoritative understanding of how data centre endpoints are meant to behave and is the first to know when changes are made.

Protect the protector.

Because AppDefense is installed in the vSphere hypervisor, it has an isolated, protected environment from which to continually monitor data centre endpoints.

Respond automatically with precision.

When a threat is detected, AppDefense uses vSphere and VMware NSX Data Center to automate the correct response.

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