Oracle Ravello Cloud Service.

Ravello is an overlay cloud that enables enterprises to run their VMware and KVM workloads with DC-like (L2) networking ‘as-is’ on public cloud without any modifications. With Ravello, enterprises don’t need to convert their VMs or change networking. This empowers the business to rapidly develop and deploy existing DC applications on the public cloud without the associated infrastructure and migration cost and overhead.


Ravello Use Case for Customers.

Streamline infrastructure resources and cut VMware environment overhead to maximize your infrastructure investments:

  • Development Testing
    CI/DC, manual automated
  • QA, upgrade tests
    End- user, partner internal
  • Security Testing
    Penetration tests, brute force attacks
    DDOS attacks
  • Enterprise Apps
    Dev/Test, staging
    Functional testing

Leverage effective pay-as-you-use resources as and when you actually need them.


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Cloud Journey Made Easy.

Ravello’s nested virtualization & networking overlay technology enables deploying the data-center based VMware & KVM workloads on Oracle Public Cloud, AWS and Google with a couple of clicks, offering following benefits:

  • Lift and Shift. Ravello’s cloud enabled hypervisor – HVX – enables rapid deployment of virtualized VMware & KVM workloads to public clouds without any network or storage re-configuration work. Ravello fully encap-sulates the DC based virtualized application which can be moved from on-premises data center to public cloud using an intuitive UI with point-and-click simplicity.
  • Increased Agility. Business needs are ever-changing, so too are the requirements –multiple copies of production applications are needed for development testing, staging, UAT etc. With Ravello, enterprises can run their DC based apps on public cloud ‘as-is’, and rapidly deploy multiple high fidelity clones of this environment on cloud using Ravello’s innovative blueprinting capability.
  • Reduced Cost. After moving VMware workloads to Ravello enterprises can save on CapEx and OpEx costs associated with running and mana-ging a DC (including license and support costs for hypervisor (ESX) and management tools such as vSphere). Re-testing costs can be significantly reduced by using Ravello when migrating them from on-premises to the Cloud as the environment remains exactly as it was on-premise.


    • Run VMware & KVM VMs without modifications on public cloud
    • Access datacenter-like networking with clean Layer 2 support on public cloud
    • Choice of multiple public cloud providers (OPC, AWS, Google)
    • No networking or storage changes needed
    • Use blueprints to rapidly deploy application clones on public cloud
    • Schedule automatic startup/shut-down to save operational cost
    • Seamlessly move VMware/KVM workloads from on-prem to public cloud (across 3 leading clouds)
    • REST API for automation and programmatic access