Java Starter Paket.

Migrating your Java apps to the cloud has never been simpler.

Start today with the Oracle Cloud Starter Pack.

This package includes everything you need to run your apps in the cloud—including an exclusive discount.

You’re already familiar with the Oracle WebLogic experience and why it’s one of the world’s best application servers. Now you can use it in the cloud too—with the Oracle Java Cloud Service. Save your time and money and focus your energy on your strategic business challenges



Why migrate to the cloud?

Developing, testing and rolling out apps in the cloud saves you time and money—just ask our customers who have already taken the leap! But seeing is believing, so give it a go today!



What can the Oracle Java Cloud Service do for you?

  • Save you money – the subscription service means you don’t have to manage a data centre or pay for resources you don’t actually use.
  • Minimise your risks – cost of investment becomes operation costs and capacity can be dynamically adjusted to suit your needs.
  • Speed up time to market – development and test environments can be set up in minutes instead of weeks.


Oracle Cloud Starter Pack

For just CHF 599/month, get everything you need for a long-term trial of Oracle Java Cloud Service for approx. 12 months.

  • A standard database with Compute Shape OC3 (1 Oracle Compute Unit (OCPU), 7.5 GB RAM) including tooling
  • A second server cluster of WebLogic Enterprise Edition with tooling for each server (Compute Shape OC3)
  • Storage and resources for using all services with the Oracle Public Cloud IaaS

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