Dragon Speech Recognition.

Many highly qualified professions spend the majority of their working day writing and formatting documents, sending detailed e-mails and filling in formulas, preventing them from focussing on customers and important projects that bring in profit. If only you could create documents more quickly with more detail and precision, then you could be more productive and spend more time on your work and career.



Reasons to invest in Dragon Professional Individual:

  • Create more precise documents more quickly
    Dragon converts speech into text at a much quicker speed than typing, with up to 99% accuracy. Dragon also helps avoid typing errors and spelling mistakes so you spend less time on corrections.
  • Work efficiently on the go
    Dictate into a Nuance-certified digital Dictaphone and convert the audio to text at a more convenient time. Stay productive on the move!
  • Optimise and automate
    Automate workflows and complex business processes with simple voice commands. Trigger multiple tasks with a single voice command.



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