Kofax (formerly Nuance).


Nuance Communications, Inc. Nuance is a global leader in speech and imaging solutions—with approximately 13,500 employees worldwide—facilitating communication between people and technology. Their technologies, applications and services transform interaction between human and devices and systems for unhindered communication. Millions of people use these systems every day.

Nuance's product portfolio:


Nuance Document Imaging.

Nuance Document Imaging. Software and expertise that provides professional users and businesses with optimal control over their documentation and information processes.

Power PDF Advanced significantly boosts productivity and lowers costs by transforming the way you create, share, file and use office documents. With Power PDF, everyone from tasks force groups to large corporations can enjoy simplified information sharing, improved customer service and increased document security.



Dragon Speech Recognition.

Dragon is a powerful speech recognition solution which lets you truly speed through PC work and realise your full working potential. Simply by speaking It lets you freely dictate documents with up to 99% accuracy and control your computer and applications using simple voice commands for significant efficiency gains and reduced stress and strain on your arms, neck or back.



License programme.

Businesses of any size, educational institutions, public authorities— Nuance has developed a flexible license programme to cater for all license requirements. This license programme is designed for organisations using multiple versions of Nuance applications. The programme is based on a license certificate. Simply buy the required number of licenses from your Nuance representative and receive an electronic software download with a serial number and license certificate. The certificate authorises you to install software for each license purchased.

  • Cumulative license programme—benefit from the next discount tier as pricing tiers are determined retroactively
  • Easy to install and manage with a single license key
  • Special license programme for public authorities
  • Additional maintenance and support ensures that your investment is cost-effective in the long term with one year of constant updates

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