Veeam is improving its licensing with the latest update.


Veeam has made changes to its licence subscription model which shall take effect with the migration to Update 9.5. What does this mean for you? What does the new licence model offer and how can you get the most out of it?


In addition to the subscription model, in which product based licences can be rented, there is the new Veeam Instance Licensing. Licensing is purchased not per product, but rather per workload.

One Instance can be used for the following workloads: 

  • VMs (VMware & Hyper-V)
  • Server agents (Windows & Linux)
  • Workstation agents (Windows & Linux)
  • Applications (Oracle RMAN / SAP Hana)
  • Cloud VMs (virtual machines on AWS)


The following are offered in Instance product bundles, and are all included in the Standard, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus editions:


Backup & Replication


Minimum purchase: 1 bundle of 10 Instances

Veeam Availability Suite

«monitored» incl. VeeamONE

Minimum purchase: 1 bundle of 10 Instances

Veeam Backup Essentials (limited to up to 30 Instances)

«monitored» incl. VeeamONE

Minimum purchase: 2 bundles of 5 Instances; Maximum purchase: 30 Instances


Important: The editions correspond to the common features of the Veeam Availability Suite product family (Std / Ent / Ent Plus). The higher the edition of the selected main product, the fewer licences required. Product and edition updates are possible.

Information for existing subscription customers:

As soon as you have performed the update to version 9.5, migration to the new licence model in your Veeam portal will be carried out and you will be shown the number of Instances you’ll need in the future.  


We’ll be happy to give you a personal consultation and calculate the best licence options for your environment.


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