Employee training made easy with the Sophos Phishing Simulator.

The Sophos Phish Threat Attack simulator and training solution support IT specialists in increasing end user awareness of security.


In Phish Threat, Sophos offers an advanced phishing simulator and training solution. Sophos Phish Threat is completely integrated with Sophos Central, a cloud-based security management platform. With centralised management and automated campaign analysis, Sophos Phish Threat dramatically reduces the time required to train employees on cyber attack behaviour.

Phishing continues to be the most common means of attack for hackers who exploit the fact that end users’ are the weakest link in an enterprise’s cyber defence. Standard online security training programmes are purely academic, and so oblivious to current attack landscapes and separate from the rest of IT security management. This makes it very difficult for IT managers to effectively integrate anti-phishing into routine risk assessments. Sophos Phish Threat automates the entire training process and offers a visual analysis to identify at-risk users. The Sophos Phish Threat attack simulator and training solution is managed from within Sophos Central with other Sophos security solutions enabling fast risk identification and incident reaction.

IT managers can use Sophos Phish Threat to create authentic phishing simulations and training courses as well as implementing targeted behaviour modifications among employees. The simulation helps users recognise a phishing attack and learn from mistakes without any real-life risks. And because attacks change with current events, seasons and attackers’ methods, Sophos Phish Threat continuously updates its testing framework. IT managers can create customised simulation campaigns to suit a company’s global locations and can even design cyber attacks according to geographical factors.
“Phishing has developed at the same pace as the Malware-as-a-Service phenomenon”, explains Michael Veit, Sophos IT security expert. “For years, criminals have disguised their attacks in the form of e-mails and today, SophosLabs are seeing phishing e-mails as the primary way of spreading ransomware payloads. It can be very difficult to protect users from phishing attacks, but with Sophos Phish Threat, IT managers now have a sophisticated, integrated solution that combines the strengths of Sophos security technologies on a single platform while analysing and reducing human vulnerabilities, giving businesses the infrastructure they need to stay one step ahead of organised cyber crime and careless end users.



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