Adobe EDU multi-user device licences - Shared Device Licensing (SDL).

Important: At the start of 2019, multi-user device licences will be introduced for all Adobe Education customers. What does this mean for you as a licence holder?


Shared device licensing is a new method of licensing for schools that use multi-user device licences. This change gives teaching staff and students access to new cloud-based applications, additional storage capacity, tools for students such as Typekit, and many other services.


The new generation of Creative Cloud promotes creativity because licensing via Adobe ID allows teaching staff and students to install software on a second device and therefore work from home. Shared Device Licensing will be available from 1 February 2019.



Do customers have to switch to SDL from their existing device licences straight away?

No. Customers can continue to purchase or renew device licences until their setup is ready to migrate. The option to migrate on a self-service basis will be available from the beginning of 2019. Existing device licences will expire on 31 December 2019.


Once we’ve started migrating, can we go back?

No. Once the migration process has begun, you will have 30 days to complete it before your device licences become inactive. Preparations should therefore have already been made before beginning the migration process.


What do education customers need to migrate?

Migration encompasses creating new packages and a redeployment of the devices they are intended for.



Good link with info on SDL:


Summary of licence changes:


Current device licences

New  multi-user device licences

Desktop Apps

Spark Premium



Cloud-based Apps 



Adobe Fonts 


Changes to licence provisioning will also bring licence changes. From 1 February 2019, single apps will no longer be available in device licensing, but only Creative Cloud All Apps.


Customers with a device licence for a single application can migrate to multi-user device licenses for all applications AT NO ADDITIONAL COST until renewal of the VIP contract.


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