Hand in Hand – Adobe Acrobat and Office 365.


Connect time-saving Adobe Acrobat PDF tools to Office 365 applications to use every day in your organisation to increase productivity and promote collaboration in teams. Additionally, you boost use of your Microsoft technologies.

Achieve your goal quicker and more easily: By integrating Acrobat into Office 365, you make it easier for your teams to convert Microsoft applications into high quality PDF documents. Make it easier for your team to convert Office files into PDF documents—and back—and to set up document-related passwords to protect confidential information.

The possibilities of how you can view and create PDFs, combine various content in PDFs, and re-order pages in PDFs, without having to leave SharePoint or OneDrive are endless. You can use cloud-based protection in Office 365 for important PDFs and PDF services can be centrally deployed with Office 365 admin tools.


The most important features and benefits for IT managers.
  • Boost Microsoft product use.
    By integrating Acrobat DC with Microsoft Cloud storage, you benefit from cloud-based protection in Office 365 and enhanced collaboration in teams.
  • Consistent protection of important documents.
    With access to Adobe Acrobat directly from Office 365, workers no longer have to download documents from SharePoint or OneDrive to create, convert to, or manage PDFs. Open PDFs protected with MIP (Microsoft Information Protection) solutions with both Windows and macOS. 
  • Simplified provisioning.
    Provision PDF services from a central location with admin tools from Microsoft Office 365.
  • Incomparable security thanks to Acrobat DC.
    Integrated defence and security technologies like sandboxing and options to protect against unwanted data sharing along with code-cleanup defend you from system attacks through PDFs on desktops. 
  • Licence management and compliance made easy.
    Thanks to the web-based and simple Adobe Admin Console, your IT team can (re)sort, delete, and follow up on your Acrobat DC licences in just a few clicks, making it easier to plan your software budget. Additionally, you’ll also have anytime access to new features and security updates as soon as they become available, and this without additional costs, to be installed at a time that suits you.
  • 24-hour support from Adobe.
    Receive round-the-clock access to technical support. You can put in support requests to administrators and monitor their statuses via the Admin Console.


The most important features and benefits for end users.

  • Stay adaptable.
    Easily convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint files into PDFs in Office 365, or edit Office files directly in Acrobat DC. 
  • Workflows are also online.
    Create, organise, and merge PDF files directly in OneDrive or SharePoint. You can delete pages, re-number and rotate them, or combine multiple different source files into one compact PDF.
  • Reliable protection.
    You can easily assign passwords to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files to protect confidential information and to restrict copying, editing, and printing.
  • Advanced document security.
    Open PDFs protected with MIP (Microsoft Information Protection) solutions like Azure Information Protection and Office 365 on both Windows and macOS.
  • Access from anywhere.
    Productivity wherever you find yourself. You can access your files and tools from wherever you are, whenever you need to. 


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