Webinar: Azure Readiness - Migration (in German)
Migration mit Azure Migrate
Cloud Computing ist in der Tat eine grosse Veränderung gegenüber der herkömmlichen IT. Es ist eine grosse Herausforderung, sich mit jedem Thema vertraut zu machen, auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben und die richtige Ausgangsbasis für alle Optionen zu definieren: Lassen Sie uns helfen…
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Every month, there are new Microsoft Azure services and concepts. This makes it hard to stay on the ball and know what’s going on. Being ready for migration requires a great deal of time and lots of reading to understand the wide array of constant innovations.

With Bechtle Steffen, this happens with consistent monitoring in the Azure Competence Centre. We compile all the important information and changes, summarise them and bundle them into our webinar series. So you can stay on top of the latest and most important changes relating to the Microsoft Azure platform.


In the first webinar, you’ll learn the opportunities and risks the cloud has to offer, in addition to the steps you need to take to transfer your workload to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Bechtle has developed a “Step into the Cloud” model: We look at six important topics, crucial to successful cloud onboarding. We’ll also introduce you to the “Azure Migrate” tool that simplifies migration. 


  • Introduction to our “Azure Readiness” series
  • Why Azure?
  • What are today’s obstacles to the cloud?
  • First steps: “Step Into the Cloud”
  • Azure Migrate
  • Success stories
  • Bechtle’s approach to migrating to Azure
  • Q&A


  • Aaron Keel, Azure Architect, Bechtle Steffen Schweiz AG

Date and time.

  • Tuesday, 24th September 2019
  • 10.00 to 11.00 a.m.

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