We are part of a strong network

The World of Software at your fingertips Comsoft direct is one of the largest licensing specialists in the Swiss market. The company consists of four branches spread across Switzerland, including locations in Gland, Gümligen, Regensdorf and Rotkreuz.

The latter, located in central Switzerland, also serves as company headquarters.The geographical distribution of our branches not only guarantees direct local support to customers nationwide, it also means we are able to communicate in your language.


Comsoft Switzerland: personal on-site service and location near you

Our staff know the score

Comsoft direct employees are recognised experts in the software management and software licensing fields. They make sure that all businesses, irrespective of size, receive the software products, solutions and services that are right for them. This know-how is becoming increasingly important, as manufacturers' licensing and price models are becoming more complex and less transparent.We are part of a strong network.


We are part of a strong network

Comsoft direct is a subsidiary company of the German Bechtle Group, which is listed on the stock exchange. Bechtle delivers system house services and undertakes direct selling of commercial IT productsThe Bechtle Group operates more than 70 system houses in Switzerland, Germany and Austria and, with its three brands “Comsoft direct”, “Bechtle direct” and “ARP”, is one of Europe’s leading IT e-commerce providers.Through cross-border cooperation with software partners and close collaboration with Bechtle affiliates, Comsoft direct is able to provide comprehensive support as a software specialist and Large Account Reseller (LAR) to customers in Europe and throughout the world.